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Follow Up Care and Tips on Maintaining Good Oral Health

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Follow Up Care and Tips on Maintaining Good Oral Health

19 February 2023

Follow Up Care and Tips on Maintaining Good Oral Health

After any surgical procedure such as tooth extraction, braces or dental implants, it is essential to follow up with a follow up appointment to make sure your mouth and teeth are healing properly. This ensures any oral complications are identified early and addressed accordingly.

Maintaining a healthy smile for life necessitates regular dental checkups to detect any issues before they worsen, as well as regular cleanings and X-rays.

Oral health has a profound effect on our overall wellbeing, being linked to diseases like cancer and autoimmune disorders. It may even raise your risk for heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease or pneumonia.

Inflammation in the mouth is a leading indicator for other serious health conditions throughout your body, so it’s never too late to take preventive measures for oral wellbeing.

Here are some tips for maintaining good oral health:

Don’t Miss Out on Dental Appointments
Many people dread going to the dentist, yet it is vitally important to keep up with appointments. Unfortunately, some patients choose to put off these visits until something serious occurs. Don’t put off going until something bad happens!

Make sure to schedule regular dental visits, especially if your family has a history of gum disease or other oral health issues. Doing this allows your dentist to stay abreast of any changes in your oral health and may even serve as an opportunity for early detection of cancer or other serious medical conditions.

Discuss any medications you’re taking with your dentist, especially if they impact saliva production or if there is a history of heart disease in the family. Certain drugs like steroids and antidepressants may lead to dry mouth or other issues affecting oral health.

Oral cancer can often go undetected or be diagnosed too late, particularly among the elderly. If not treated promptly, this could result in irreparable jawbone damage.

Dental X-rays are an invaluable diagnostic tool for detecting problems in teeth and bones. This specialized imaging helps detect bone decay, swelling, cysts or tumors that might otherwise go undetected.

Your dentist can evaluate your bite and the alignment of your teeth to detect any potential issues such as crookedness or misalignment. X-rays are essential for early detection of oral cancers like tongue, jaw or neck cancers.

Your dentist can use x-rays to detect other oral issues, such as cracked or missing teeth that may not be visible to the naked eye.

It is highly recommended to get an x-ray prior to receiving a tooth implant or other more extensive dental work. Missing out on follow-up appointments after your procedure could lead to more significant dental issues that could have serious repercussions for both your health and wellbeing.

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